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Quicksand Girl
Running Time 106 minutes
Quicksand Girl showcases Nessie and her interpretation of quicksand drama. She's come a long way! 
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First, Nessie acts out a funny sendoff to that crazy crocodile guy. Watch how she pluckily plays the 'Quicksand Hunter' and confidently blunders into a very dangerous bog. Her confidence disappears as she sinks deeper and deeper. What a start!

Next, she plays multiple roles as one hopeful young woman after another tries to pass a test and become the wife of a King. The test was created in order to find the 'True Bride'. How does one pass the test? How far does one have to sink?
Then, in a sendoff to all those great old horror flicks, it's 'Halloween at Psychic World'.  Psychic World is a virtual reality where clients experience intensely real situations tailored to their requests. For a simulation, this is one stylish mummy!
Next, Nessie plays a specialty model in a segment that takes the quicksand's point of view. 
Watch out for the surprise twist at the end of  'I, Quicksand'.
Then, Nessie plays 'Tyra', a guest/client at Psychic World.  Watch Tyra as she finds out just how 
disturbingly real these experiences can be....
Also. Nessie plays a stubborn woman in a snotty mood who just can't take advice - especially from a 'Creep'.
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NQSG Trailer
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