Quicksand, Hang on Tight #1
Running Time 82 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for the first release of sinking action from Season Four at Camp MPV!
This DVD features a nice opening look at a terrific sinking season.
Sarah Michelle, Ludella Hahn, Annabelle Genovisi,
Whitney MorganCandle Boxxx and SaraLiz.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's another great collection of sinking goodies!


Ludella Von Hahn has Swamp Chick (Annabelle) in a cage, setting a deadly trap for Bettylou (Sarah Michelle). Can the two innocents escape from the Ludella's treachery? Tune in and find out!

After watching Whitney's orientation in the quicksand pit, we were very interested to see what she would do with the Curious theme. We were not disappointed.
It's always pleasing to see original talent and motivated skill converge in a scene. Throw in some hot looks and soft wet sand and you have a winner.
Beyond that, it's hard to describe this scene, exactly.   You just have to take it all in in full color and in real time.
Then, there's nothing like a flood to get the attention of the fans of submerged quicksand.
Whether it be a couple feet, or two inches, underwater quicksand has it's place - and so does
Candle apparently.
She's on the run in a jungle swamp, and having all sort of trouble staying clean and dry. First, she stumbles into a deep hole with grabby muck at the bottom. After barely escaping that, she flounders some more and finally encounters quickclay, disguised under several inches of water. Will she escape? It's an almighty struggle either way!
Next, Steph (Sarah) and Amy (Ludella) are on a leisurely walk in the woods when they discover half of a book of spells. After Steph manages to grace Amy with a horse tail (with an incomplete horse spell), they realize that the information to undo the spell is in the second part of the book - which is on the other side of a dangerous bog. Things go from bad to worse after that...
A nice story, well played with humor and drama.
Then, SaraLiz is compelled to crawl across a dangerous bog towards the camera - and a vine that can save her. She almost makes it, slips under the surface, but then manages to claw back to the surface and make another grab at the vine. She makes it to the vine, but not before going under again. Next we see her jump back into the bog, but with no vine in sight.... This is a very dramatic scene featuring a final, 'lingering' submersion. The sight of SaraLiz's gaping mouth and large blue eyes will stay with whoever partakes of this well acted drama.
Ludella walks right out of a 40's pin-up poster and straight into a mire in this exquisite eleven minutes of quicksand nirvana. She trudges through a swamp before finding some higher ground and walking out of sight. But, she appears again, unaware of the quicksand in front of her. She blunders in, and treats us to a great sinking and submersion sequence. There's not much more to say. Ludella speaks for herself....
 Then, Swamp Chick (Annabelle) is out for revenge and has the perfect plan to snare Ludella Von Hahn. See if lust can overcome reason in this sexually charged episode in the life of Swamp Chick!!
Then, after the credits, Our first look at Whitney Morgan sure was memorable. That's because she 'brings it', even if she's just playing in quicksand. You'll see the kind of energy she brings.
It's fun. It's infectious!
Quicksand, Hang on Tight #1  DVD-R


Quicksand, Hang on Tight #1  DVD-R  Download
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