Quicksand, Hang on Tight #2
Running Time 91 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's finally time for the next release of sinking action from the fourth season at Camp MPV!
This DVD features a well rounded collection of dramatic sinking goodies.
Annabelle Genovisi, Ludella Hahn, Candle Boxxx, Star, Saraliz and Summer Monroe.
Have a close look at the scenes below. It's another 'must-have' for the quicksand fans!


First,  Annabelle and Ludella are royalty on an outpost planet used by their kind to grow spice. In anticipation of visitors, they are in an hurry to reach a nearby castle, knowing they can wash the sweat off their bodies if they get there soon enough. So, not caring how dirty they get, they find out that living well doesn't necessarily prepare them for the dangers of their exotic planet. A well-acted and impeccably wardrobed story called The Princess and the Peat that will please prove a memorable experience!

Then, there's something special about quicksand. And there are several things special about Candle. So logically, to say this scene is something special would be an understatement. Seriously! Check out the short preview for this scene. Candle owns this entire concept! She sinks. She gets aroused. She sinks some more. She gets it. You'll get her. Dig in!
Next Star is told by her sorority sisters that she must go "Across the Bog".  Finding the bog, she starts to make her way across. But half way, she realizes that she can no longer feel the bottom. Trying to escape, Star tries to go back. She tries to grab at the side. Nothing works, and she slips under the surface. Bubbles appear. But that's not the end of Star. She breaks the surface near the far side of the bog and drags herself out, directly across from where she went in. She crossed the bog! Just lucky? Or the predicted result of a dangerous trust test? In any case, it's great sinking drama dished up by the lovely Star.
Then,  as a proof of concept, SaraLiz pulls out the lovely Damsel in Distress that she was born to play, and pleads to the camera for help as she slowly sinks from sight. We think that this needs to be done several more times! What do you think? It's the original Pleading Scene concept, updated in so many ways....
Also,  in the debut scene in a new series, Summer is trying out for a part in a movie, and will do pretty much anything to get it. In this case, she has to follow the instructions of Candle, a casting director's secretary. Motivation is the key element here, and it's pretty obvious. Because Summer would never ever do this if her future acting career was not on the line. Deeper and deeper into the pit she goes. At one point she hits a deep spot and disappears, but Candle insists the she presses onwards. Just how 'far' will future starlets go in The Casting Pit for a gig? Tune in and find out....
Next,  Bazoomba is at it again! The airline stewardess and part time Jungle Girl has her head in the clouds and her feet in a swamp in this campy yet sexy sinking adventure. Candle can adlib with the best. She's always entertaining, but watch and listen for the zingers in this scene. They are 'doozies'. This adventure features a trek through a watery morass and a deliciously slow sink in Hollywood Quicksand. Can she save herself? Or is it a 'part time' doom she faces? Who can say? Certainly not Bazoomba, could she?
 Then,  in the debut scene in yet another new series, Sara Liz struggles through a mucky swamp, bogged down by a heavy Ball and Chain. This truly is a struggle for her, because the area she's traversing would be difficult without the heavy hardware she was lugging. She eventually makes it to a bottomless peat bog, where, fate would have it, she drops the ball. The ball sinks from sight. And thanks to the chain around Sara's ankle, she follows it. A great performance by Sara. Please note that eight minutes of this scene features Sara struggling to reach the bog.
Then, after the credits,  it's usually easy to spot a good moment in these scenes, to use as a preview. But in this hot scene, it was hard. There were to many of them! This nice, long look at Annabelle sinking is a great way to know Annabelle better, and see (and hear) what it's like when a patch of quicksand and a young lady make love to each other. Great shots of the sand swirling around Annabelle, and Annabelle swirling in the sand. You get the idea...
Quicksand, Hang on Tight #2  DVD-R


Quicksand, Hang on Tight #2  DVD-R  Download
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