Quicksand, Hang on Tight #3
Running Time 78 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for another great value in MPV Quicksand entertainment?
This DVD features a great assortment of terrific sinking action!
Summer Monroe, Saraliz, Jordana Leigh,
Annabelle GenovisiSarah Michelle and Odette Delacroix.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's another great collection of sinking goodies!


Summer and SaraLiz are on the run, with the diminutive Sara, carrying the ball that is chained to the robust Summer. And why is Sara struggling for miles with the heavy ball?  Because Summer knows the way around the quicksand. So, when they get to the quicksand, Sara knows just what to do with the ball! Great sinking drama played well by to lovely actresses.  This Ball and Chain scene is a must have for collectors of fine quicksand video.

Then,  Jordana looks very nice as she plays footsie with the wet sand, and looks even better when it grabs her and starts to draw her down.  After all, she is Curious. There's a very nice escalation of emotion as Jordana realizes the danger that her curiosity has gotten her into. Plus, bikinis and quicksand just seem to go together, especially when you add the form and talent that Jordana brings to the mix!
Next, there were two kinds of scenes that we haven't done lately; erotic submersions in deep clay, and mixed reactions to sinking. Well, here we have both, dished up by the lovely Annabelle. Her twist on the 'Ignorance is Bliss' theme included some ferocious hip grinding on the edge of the pit before she starts her fateful plunge into the depths of the mire. But even as she sinks to her doom, the sexual sensations distract her nearly to the end. This great job by Annabelle will be enjoyed for some time to come!
Then, Sarah was really intrigued by the idea of Sinking in the Rain. And when me made it pout on the bog, she was sold! This visually enticing scene features some nice struggling through shallow water and sticky muck, and a nice slow sinking sequence and submersion. Sarah's unique dramatic style is on full display for your enjoyment!
Also,  Professor Annabelle and her assistant, SaraLiz are on the hunt for the Amazon Waterfall Tree... But that's not all that Annabelle is out for. She is hot for Sara Liz and just can't wait to put a move on her. After a long trek, they find the Waterfall Tree and decide to cool off in the refreshing water. That's when Annabelle sneaks off and sets a sexy trap for SaraLiz - in muddy quicksand! This offering has a lot going for it, notably the incredibly witty dialogue that these talented ladies created on the spot. Horny Explorers is a highly entertaining scene that shouldn't be missed!
Then,  Odette is told by her sorority sisters that she must go "Across the Bog".  Finding the bog, she starts to make her way across. But half way, she realizes that she can no longer feel the bottom. Trying to escape, Odette tries to go back. She tries to grab at the side. Nothing works, and she slips under the surface. Bubbles appear. But that's not the end of Odette. She breaks the surface near the far side of the bog and drags herself out, directly across from where she went in. She crossed the bog! Just lucky? Or the predicted result of a dangerous trust test? In any case, it's great sinking drama dished up by the lovely Odette.
And, Summer is back as Jungle Girl, and this time she's been tied and gagged and set loose in the dangerous jungle swamp! After wading through critter infested water, she stumbles into deadly Hollywood style quicksand and begins to sink. Yelling for help through the gag isn't very effective, but she tries anyways. Eventually the gag slips off, but only just before Summer slips under the surface....
Quicksand, Hang on Tight #3  DVD-R


Quicksand, Hang on Tight #3  DVD-R  Download
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