Quicksand, Hang on Tight #4
Running Time 86 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
These Quicksand Visuals DVD values just keep getting better and better!
Eight great scenes this time, featuring: 
SaraLiz, Annabelle Genovisi, Ludella Hahn,
Summer MonroeWhitney Morgan, Jordana Leigh and Candle Boxxx.
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Mary Ann (Annabelle) and Ginger (Saraliz) are walking through the jungle when they hear the Skipper and Gilligan yelling - and it sounds like they need help! But by the time the girls arrive at where the noise was coming from, all they find is a swampy area. Still motivated by the desire to help their friends, they try to cross a boggy area. Big mistake! They sink deeper and deeper until they go under. But then, Mary Ann finds the vine that the Skipper used and they manage to escape...to sink another day?  It's Gilligan's Island - Daughters of Watubi!!

Then, Ludella follows up her outstanding orientation scene with an equally memorable interpretation of the 'Curious' theme. She does this with an incredible emotional range and her delectable physique. Both are on full display as she plays with the quicksand and then becomes trapped by it. There are moments after moments of sexual thrill as she settles deeper into the wet bubbling sand... Throughout the long history of this theme, nobody has done it better than Ludella does here. Check it out!
Next,  fans of submerged mire will really enjoy this action-fest featuring Summer and Whitney. The two of them are friends, out playing a game - called Go Stop Go. Basically, Whitney is in charge, and Summer has to follow her 'go' and 'stop' commands. Whitney takes a fair amount of delight in Summer hitting a deep water-filled hole, which has her sputtering and pleading to escape. This plays itself out again later, but this time, there is a clay mire under the water, and they both become trapped. It's not game, but more of a struggle for survival after that....
Then, Jordana has wandered ahead of her friends on safari. Convinced that her mates are nearby, she lets her guard down and wanders into Hollywood style quicksand. In an inadvertent tribute to 'Tarzan's Hidden Jungle' she's mysteriously wet while sinking. But that hardly diminishes the nice slow sinking action. Jordana puts her own verbal spin on quicksand drama. Give this offering a spin, and you'll see (and hear) just what that means!
AlsoCandle is a Hot Bog Secretary. So where does she hang out? In the bog.... So when the insects get the better of her and her clip board ends up in the bog, where does she go? In the bog! Candle puts up a delicious struggle as she sinks deeper and deeper in the muck, until she disappears. Will she survive to take minutes another day? We hope so... If she looks familiar in that dress, it's because this was shot right after Summer's 'Casing Pit' scene. We do indeed have a rule that says "Everyone goes in". It's just not always in the same scene.  :-)
Then, here's our second MPVBleck offering, this time featuring the feisty and sexy Annabelle! She doesn't tease the camera very much. A little paddling on the surface, and then down she goes... This particular scene features some great looks as Annabelle's body presses against the bleck as she both struggles and moves to the pleasure of the gripping mire. And just like Sara Liz, Annabelle loses her bikini bottoms to the sticky suction of the MPVBleck. Awesome!  Please note that there is plastic liner visible in this scene, which may be a detraction for some viewers.
And, Gilligan has done it again! This time, he has sent Ginger and Mary Ann to the WRONG side of the island, where they have been captured by headhunters and tied to trees.
It's Gilligan's Island - Headhunters!  They yell and kick and scream, but nobody has come to rescue them. But, Mary Ann gets loose from her bonds and gets Ginger free as well. But that only brings them to the deadly quicksand the fans know so well. Well, forget about Professor Beazley and Mr. Howell's suitcase, this time it's Ginger and Mary Ann that get to taste the mire.....Please note that approximately half of this scene contains non-sinking footage.
And, Ready for the hottest Orientation scene ever? That's not an overstatement by any means, because Ludella not only owned the retro one piece bathing suit she wore, but the quicksand and the moment and everything else! From the moment she stuck her toes in the sand, it became obvious that this would be a memorable occasion for the Camp MPV quicksand. The sight of her hips swiveling in the wet sand will stay with anyone who sees it. So, see it for yourself!
Quicksand, Hang on Tight #4  DVD-R


Quicksand, Hang on Tight #4  DVD-R  Download
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