Quicksand, Hang on Tight #5
Running Time 100 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
These ladies just can't stay out a good DVD series!
Seven awesome scenes to sink into, featuring: 
Summer Monroe, Annabelle Genovisi, Whitney Morgan,
StarJen Padova, Sarah Michelle and Ludella Hahn.
Have a look. As always, Quicksand Visuals DVDs are the best value in the genre!


Summer has shanked a guard and sprung herself and Annabelle from prison. The problem is though, that they are chained together, and Summer has a bad sense of direction... Turns out that peat bogs and ankle chains are bad for all involved. This is a short but powerful Escaped Convicts scene featuring one of the best double submersions we have ever shot. Very much worth a close look!!

Then, some people were just born to do certain things, and Whitney was born to be the Hussy in the crowd. And this particular peat bog, like so many situations in life, needs someone like Whitney to exploit it - for our pleasure! Like so many other Sinking About You scenes, she willingly strips off her clothes and sinks out of sight, while purring to the cameras. But unlike all the other SAY scenes, this one is Whitney, and she will leave her mark on your mind, and elsewhere! This particular scene also features multiple submersions and a self-rescue. Fun stuff!
Next,  ever imagine one of those nice ladies in the office sinking to her doom in quicksand? We're pretty sure it happens often enough, so when Star offered to sacrifice a nice outfit (and herself) to the mire, we were all for it! She walks through the tropical forest for a few moments until she steps into our Hollywood Quicksand pit and into her fate. Star does really well with this, and this outing is no exception. She cries and screams for help and struggles against the quicksand. Will any of this help?
Then, it's one of the best MPVBleck scenes we shot last this particular season. It would have been so, even if it was Jen Padova in there, but the pit had mellowed into a tar like goop that just has to be seen in action! Jen struggles against it mightily as she tries to free herself from the sticky trap. And the cameras were there to record it all from some delicious angles. This is an nice long look at sinking and stuck action at its finest, and made even better by the remarkable Jen!
AlsoAnnabelle tears up the 'Across the Bog' theme with her tight body and superb dramatic ability! It's clear that this will be a memorable scene when Annabelle pops into view with her round ass sticking out from beneath a super short pleated mini skirt. A tied off white top and an open midriff complete her sinking attire. As in the earlier 'Across the Bog' scenes, her sorority sisters have sent her into the woods for a mucky trust test. Will she pass? Tune in and find out!
Then, Star is absolutely delicious as she steps into real quicksand wearing a nice looking purple dress and succumbs to the sexy pressure and texture of the flowing sand. She absolutely delights in the sensation of the sand flowing up her legs as she sinks deeper and deeper. As she sinks deeper, she lifts her dress, giving a great view of just why she finds this so interesting. Star has great legs and silky skin - perfect for this kind of sexy adventure. After enjoying her wet and mushy encounter for a while, she removes the dress and the fun continues!
And finally, Ludella, Annabelle and Sarah Michelle are college suite-mates out for a walk in the woods, where Ludella has decided to tempt fate, and possibly thin the herd in their dormitory suite... But things go wrong when she is not only incapable of rescuing one chosen roommate, but also incapable of saving herself... It's Bikini Quicksand Terror.  A nice long dramatic quicksand tale, with a cautionary message.!
Quicksand, Hang on Tight #5  DVD-R


Quicksand, Hang on Tight #5  DVD-R  Download
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