Quicksand Never Sleeps!
Running Time 74 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for the release of sinking action from season three at Camp MPV!
This DVD features an awesome variety of sinking scenes.
Summer Day, Athena, Kymberly Jane, Stormy Rose, Star,
Natalia Chaplin
, Candle Boxxx, Annabelle Genovisi,  and Odette Delacroix.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's a must have collection of goodies!


Summer makes quite an impression in her MPV debut as she walks into view and struggles in deadly quicksand, the way only a jungle girl can.
She nearly pulls herself out, but then slips back into the mire and meets her fate in the swirling sand..


Next, Athena must have a screw loose, because when she happens upon a dangerous bog, she treats it as a sexual play thing. Her antics culminate in a rather definitive result. At least she left her hat behind, in case anyone wondered what happened to her...
Then, Kym entices the viewer to follow her to a secluded and very deep mud pit. Once there, she wants to join up on the far side of the pit. It's all good, except for the part where she doesn't make it. Well, even that's good, because she goes under slowly and dramatically. A brief, but very satisfying drama.
Next, Stormy and Athena find themselves in deep trouble when they spot a vine hanging from above. Stormy starts to climb it. And for a moment, it looks like all will be ok,
but something goes wrong - and they both pay the price.  This is a short scene that provided experience and yet entertains at the same time.
Then, wearing a tee shirt and bikini bottoms, Star makes for a tasty treat for the Hollywood Quicksand. But she makes it interesting by grabbing hold of a vine and trying to escape the mire.
She makes good progress, several times. But each time she approaches firm ground, the vine gives way and she slides back into danger.
Then, Summer looks like a perfect damsel in a red dress as she explores a deceptive patch of wet sand during a steady rain. Before she realizes it, she is stuck in the quicksand and sinking.
There are nice shots of her muscular legs flexing under the strain of trying escape the trap.  Nice!
 Natalia, calling out to her lost friend, stumbles into a deadly bog. From there, it's a dramatic sink to oblivion.
This scene, shot in fading light, really showcases Natalia's talent as an actress. A very collectable offering from our early 2013 efforts.
And, Ensign Barry (Candle) and Ensign Gallagher (Annabelle) have teleported to a distant planet.  A planet of quicksand.
Ensign Barry learns that it's not always wise to bring shipmates out of suspended animation when danger is at hand, or all around them, as it were.
This is a well executed scripted story shot this past season in a vast area of doom.
And, in a bonus scene,  it's time to meet Odette Delacroix, just as she meets quicksand for the first time. In this unique orientation scene, Odette takes advantage of her small frame by literally
spinning around in the quicksand, first upright, and then later in a sitting position. All in all, she had a great time exploring the pit - by sticking different parts of her body in it (other than her head). Viewers will instantly realize that Odette is someone to keep an eye on. She's very nice!
Quicksand Never Sleeps  DVD-R


Quicksand Never Sleeps  DVD-R  Download
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