Quicksand Never Sleeps #3
Running Time 73 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for another release of sinking action from season three at Camp MPV!
This DVD features an awesome variety of sinking scenes.
Candle Boxxx, Athena, Natalia Chaplin, Odette Delacroix and Summer.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's a must have collection of goodies!


Just how good can a community produced quicksand scene be? This one sets new standards - even for MPV.
Candle Boxx walks up to a large area of Hollywood Quicksand, strips down to a sexy unitard and literally points the way she is going to cross it. If sinking slowly from sight is what she really had in mind, then she definitely succeeded. Along the way though, she displays some of the very best struggling we have ever seen. Just go ahead and purchase this. You will not be disappointed.

Next, Athena gets trapped in quicksand and uses her exquisite voice to call for help. Unfortunately, no help arrives, and she awaits her fate, trapped hip deep in the hugging, wet sand.
Then, Natalia decides to 'play' in quicksand, mocking the danger of it until it's far too late. She gets pretty deep before reality sets in. Natalia is really good at this, and this offering is a good example of how she can help us suspend reality for a while. Good stuff.
Next, Candle, on the run from the bad guys, stumbles into a large net, and then into a deadly bog. The mire would have been bad enough, but being tangles in the net just adds to the tremendous struggling. Inspired by 'Lunatic Frog Women', this is a brief and very entertaining scene.
Then, stuck and struggling fans will enjoy this laborious journey through thick and sticky muck, culminating in a dramatic submersion. Odette is wearing sneakers, and that spells disaster as she slowly makes her way through a sticky morass of clay. When she gets to a deep spot, her previous success at lifting her feet clear give her a fatal sense of security, until it's too late...
Then, Summer, on her way to a Jungle adventure, finds herself looking for her brother, who has wandered away from the land rover. Not realizing that her adventure would start a day early, she stumbles into a deep bog hole and never gets out.
 Natalia gets Summer in deadly peril as she decides to cut through a menacing patch of jungle. All the yelling for help does nothing for them as they gradually submerge. Note - a layer of water is sometimes visible under the top crust of the pit near the end of the scene.
And, Summer puts her athletic body to good use as she experiences wet sand coursing around her legs and hips for the first time. She also sinks quite deep - to just below her breasts. There's not a whole lot more to say. Check out the preview and see what it's in store!
Quicksand Never Sleeps #3  DVD-R


Quicksand Never Sleeps #3  DVD-R  Download
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