Quicksand Never Sleeps #4
Running Time 92 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for another release of sinking action from season three at Camp MPV!
This DVD features an incredible variety of sinking scenes.
Stormy Rose, Odette Delacroix, Athena, Natalia Chaplin, Candle Boxxx, Star and Annabelle Genovisi.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's another great collection of sinking goodies!


For the sake of Lesbian sex play, Stormy brings Odette to a place of deadly danger.
But what begins as a 'hot' idea soon turns into a nightmare for both of them. Plenty of nice visual moments make this an entertaining scene.


Next, Athena , weighed down and bound by heavy chain, stumbles into a deep bog hole. She might have been able to escape if it weren't for the heavy chain wrapped around her.
She manages to loosen some of it and fight back to the surface a couple times, but can't entirely escape it's clutches.
Then, sometimes the simple scenes are the best. In this this dramatic entry, Natalia enters the quicksand wearing short shorts and calf high cowboy boots. She gets stuck thigh deep,
but eventually breaks into the bottomless part of the pit and slowly sinks from sight. Nice dynamics and plausible drama highlight this very worthy effort by Natalia.
Next, Stuck and Struggling fans will enjoy the authenticity of Athena's adventure in the muck and mire. She has a hard time keeping her shores on in the sucking clay - and that's before encountering the deeper mud that just won't let go of her. Poor Athena! It's a boggy version of 'out of the frying pan and into the fire'.
Then, Candle arrives at the gully bog with sexual intent - and doesn't leave anything to the imagination as she leverages a strong vine to assist in her sexy sinking.
From the first time she lowers herself in, to the last time she disappears, she keeps the fire burning. Watch this scene and see why Candle is the real deal!
Then,  a lot of gals have remarked about how sensual real quicksand feels on their bodies. Not just how the sand swirls around them, but how the pressure feels as the thickness of the sand and water ebbs and flows. So, we thought it would be fun to have Stormy (who is super sexy to begin with) explore the possibilities. This nice offering is the result.
 Also, Annabelle has a serious axe to grind with Star, but decides to wait for the right moment to exact her revenge. So Annabelle, who has supposedly experienced bog exploration in Europe,
convinces Star to give it a try. But when Annabelle reveals her twisted sense of justice, it's too late for Star. But what about Annabelle?
Ready for a potent mixture of rain, a wet gal, and quicksand? How about if the gal finds the rain and quicksand sexually irresistible? It's good to be prepared for such a thing, because this is what we have here. In (sometimes heavy) rain, Natalia happens upon an inviting patch of quicksand. Already getting wet from the rain, she slips in and decides it's just the thing. She quite turned on, but goes into another gear after removing her shorts. Yet another interesting and believable performance from Natalia!
And, Annabelle has a great time the first time in front of MPV cameras as she delights in the experience of the quicksand pit. There is no doubt that the glee and enthusiasm are real. It's fun for us as well because she looks hot as hell while she is sinking and carrying on! Enough said..
Quicksand Never Sleeps #4  DVD-R


Quicksand Never Sleeps #4  DVD-R  Download
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