Quicksand Never Sleeps #6
Running Time 60 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for the final release of sinking action from season three at Camp MPV!
This DVD features a nice last look at a terrific sinking season.
Annabelle Genovisi, Stormy Rose, Summer Monroe, Athena, Natalia Chaplin,
Candle Boxxx, Star, Sherilyn Gold and Tori Sinclair.
Have a good look at the scenes below. It's another great collection of sinking goodies!


In the spirit of pure fantasy, Annabelle approaches a pit of deadly quicksand, disrobes, and steps in. From there, it's a slow and scary sink to oblivion. Annabelle does a great job of transitioning
 from confidence to fear and to terror as she sinks deeper and deeper. A nice, non-standard submersion caps this entertaining scene.


Ever wake up with a hangover you just couldn't shake off? Well that's what Stormy was experiencing when she decided to see if quicksand could help her snap out of it.
And, it worked! She felt completely alive - for a while anyways...
Then, like a dream, Summer appears at the far side of a boggy mire and satisfies every quicksand guy's sinking desires by attempting to make to the camera.
A great example of how the basics still work. A shapely woman in a secluded bog. A nice submersion. A no-brainer!
Next, in the last of our 2013 'visual proof of concept' scenes, Athena delights the senses as she stumbles into the large Hollywood Quicksand pit and disappears.
I still can't get over how distinctive her voice is. It adds enjoyment depth to an already interesting scene.
Then,  Natalia bravely steps into a new peat bog area, just to see what would happen. But this area, being part of Camp MPV is pretty much more than she can handle.
Once again, Natalia impresses with her intense dramatic reaction to sinking, and turns in a memorable performance. This scene posed some video and audio challenges,
but is very entertaining none the less.
Then, Candle cashes in her flight attendant frequent flier miles and heads to Africa to be Bazoomba, the Part Time Jungle Girl. Once there, she has a chance to rescue explorers Star and Annabelle
 from quicksand. How will this go? For starters, Bazoomba thinks she's in a large amusement park... A very well played story by three talented actresses.
 After the credits, Star makes memorable use of her opportunity to hump wet, sinky sand in this sexually charged offering. It's interesting enough to watch her long legs disappear in the quicksand,
but when her lacy panties touch the surface, a switch is thrown, and it's pleaserville from that point forward... A great scene for Star fans - and everyone else for that matter!
Then, Tori wakes up and wants to take a shower. But when there's no water in the camper, Sherilyn sends her out to check the (leaking) water tank...  This is a forgotten pay-per-scene item that also
missed out on a DVD release. So we are correcting that here.  Please note that this scene was shot in standard definition in a 4x3 format.  So, it will not fill the screen.
But you'll feel full of quicksand entertainment.  This scene is well played!
Quicksand Never Sleeps #6  DVD-R


Quicksand Never Sleeps #6  DVD-R  Download
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