Unavoidable Quicksand
Running Time 2 hours 30 minutes   Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Why do they always fall in?   Can't they see it?   Don't they know it's there?
Find the answers to these, and other mysteries, by observing
 Lena Ramon, Paris Kennedy, Regina Anne, Brittany, Tatijana, Jenna West, Pamela Rose, Kristine and new girl Sarai while they helplessly blunder into deadly muck. Because around here, it's simply unavoidable!
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First, new girl Sarai wakes up in Los Angeles, makes her way to Arkansas, and experiences her first sinking scenes - all in one day!
Sarai is not only pretty, but very expressive as well. She first explores the pit, then performs a dramatic response, and then cuts loose with an aroused reaction to the shifting peat bog. Yet another worthwhile scene shot 'under the lights' at Studio 588!!

Next, Lena and Regina Ann play a couple of party girls in Chain Reaction. As if being gussied up in hot fetish wear wasn't strange enough, these two babes are also chained together. So what happens to one, must surely happen to the other. But what happens when they find themselves in the deep woods, and one of them lands in a deadly mud pit? Well, watch and find out!
Then, Brittany and Tatijana play a game of throw and catch next to desert lake. After they splash around in the water for a while, they try to get out. But this beach contains danger that they simply could not have imagined! Can they escape the peril?
Next, we go somewhat retro with the full version of the Balance Beam dramatic sequence. This drama was briefly featured on the Mud in Motion release, but here we get to see all the action that a simple 'dare' leads to. It's a somewhat humorous romp in very deep clay that stands the test of time.
Then, Lena and Sarai are caught in the rain! As they walk down a road, and then through the woods, they get wetter and wetter. They then stumble into a seemingly unavoidable bog. Watch how the rain intensifies as the danger level increases! Yet another unique scene shot under demanding circumstance.
Then, bodacious Paris has a tragic experience playing in Puddles of Mud. She starts out by splashing in mucky puddles of water, having a good time with her rubber boots. She then seeks out bigger and deeper puddles to splash around in. Eventually, she finds a really inviting wet spot to jump into. Just how quickly can fun turn into disaster? Faster than you think! Watch this and find out. After all, it's unavoidable!
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Unavoidable Quicksand  DVD-R  


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