Unstoppable Quicksand!
Running Time 2 hours, 23 minutes    Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
You can't outrun it. It follows you everywhere you go! What is it?
Ah, if you're still reading this far into the site, you know what it its and you'll never get away!
So here is yet another collection of sinking tales. This one introduces
Regina Ann, an attractive
vivacious woman who really sparks the screen with her natural energy and enthusiasm.
Read on, won't you?

First, in a story written by Duncan Edwards, Regina plays a ditsy wife who has escaped from several near fatal mishaps while sky diving and rock climbing etc. She keeps asking her husband "Remember that time...?" I guess we'll see if she's ever going to have a chance to remember this time.

Next, are three solo scenes back to back featuring Maggie. She's a big girl and has quite a few loyal fans out there. So these scenes have been compiled and placed here on one title as a bonus for all fans of big and beautiful sinking babes.
Then, Paris and Brittany play Tennis Girls who are waiting for a ride to the courts. They start hitting some balls to each other but one by one, the balls go off into the woods and down a hill. After realizing that these were the only balls they had, they decide that they need them, even though they have ended up in a boggy area...
Next, Lena is upset because of her cheating husband. We never find out his name but she makes it clear that he's a Bastard
Her beer drinking and anger lands her in some sticky clay. Does she have the energy and the will to get out?
Lastly, Regina (who is a belly dance instructor) treats us to an exotic scene as she wiggles and jiggles herself into a lush bog to some cool music. This is a unique Belly Dancer scene captured faithfully for your enjoyment. 
Yet another title capping scene worth the price of admission. Add this to your collection. You won't be disappointed!
 Unstoppable Quicksand DVD-R


 Unstoppable Quicksand  DVD-R Download  
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